Tournament manager, for chess etc. competition tables create

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tournament-manager-round-robin tournament-manager-swiss-system
Swiss-system tournament manager

Swiss-System tournament planner

This system is used when round-robin would take to much time. In this system the winners are the best players, but the other players are not on their possible real order. The players are paired against each other in the first round at the order of the members list and then paired by the order of the result of the games. There's no change possible in the order of the members lists to meet the swiss system fide rules. The color rules are, that nobody will get the same color more then two times one after another, and the count of the colours will not differ more than the amount of two. These rules won't apply in the last round. If the program find no way to generate games for all players the tournament ends and the results are shown. If the member count is odd, one Player get a bonusgame, this should be noted as won, a bonusgame is only once per player possible.

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